Sarratt supports Watford Food Bank

We have been supporting our local community in need

Sarratt Office Supplies has been busy in the community recently. One way we have supported local people in need is by donating supplies to Waford Food Bank.

We initially helped by supplying a computer, printer, toner cartridges and several office supplies. Since the first contact, we now regularly donate food to the charity.

The needs of those using the food bank are great and surprisingly seasonal. The staff at Sarratt Office Supplies have learnt a great deal about the difficulties people faced feeding themselves and their families. Donating tins of baked beans is generally frowned at as they usually have an excess supply of tins. Instead, we supplied many meat pies, tins of tuna and other protein based products to give those in need a more nutritional, filling meal.

We were all so impressed by the hard work of Andrew and his team of volunteers at Watford Food Bank. It brought home that poverty is often closer to home than we think, and that there are still many people struggling financially and going hungry.

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