It’s amazing how loyalty can go unrewarded

You’ve heard the stories of how insurance companies rip-off customers who have remained with them for several years. Well, it happens in Business Supplies too.

I received copy invoices from a company in Hemel Hempstead. They had been using Viking Direct for many years. I looked at all the products, the pack sizes & prices. I then applied our codes & prices.

These are the results:

Viking £624.22.

Sarratt £495.54.

A saving of 20% (£128.68). In a year the client will save over £1500.00.

They are now set up for on-line ordering & can’t wait to start saving money.

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VOW’s Greenlight event

We recently went to VOW’s Greenlight event in Birmingham.I took Dave Upton as there were lots of suppliers showing off their exciting new products.

The event was really well run, the food was great & we bumped into loads of contacts both old & new.

Thank you to VOW for the invitation & hosting such a good event.

The star speaker was undoubtedly Innocent’s Richard Reed who was both interesting & entertaining.

The night’s entertainment was the brilliant Nina Conti – if you aren’t familiar with her act, look her up on YouTube, she is hilarious.

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Cost Savings

It is surprising when the most reluctant prospective client finally agrees to let us look at what they purchase (& at what cost), just how much money they have wasted. Almost every time, the reasons are both misplaced trust (in the supplier) & the presupposed time it could take to review their office supplies. We actually do the work which is usually quite straightforward & only a few hours work. I have seen it time & time again. In nearly all cases, we show savings of between about 12% & 22%. Ocasionally though it can be quite shocking where cost savings are right up to 28%.

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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to Sarratt Office Supplies new website.  We hope that you will find all the information that you need.  However, if you cannot please contact one our trained, dedicated Account Managers on 01923 270029

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