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Every company stores information. The way this information is handled is crucial, as if allowed to get into the wrong hands, it could cause a security risk that could prove costly for your business.

With GDPR now fully in force, every business needs a robust policy in relation to handling company and customer data. If found to be in breach of guidelines, your business could face a fine of 4% of your turnover. Luckily, there is a simple solution to help protect your business from a data breach. In today’s busy office environment, why not let the professionals handle your shredding? Our secure service means you no longer have to worry about your paper documentation being compromised. With our flexible shredding service, we make it easier than ever to stay compliant.

All the paper we collect is shredded, then baled and recycled to be turned into new products such as kitchen paper or facial tissues. We want to ensure that any paper documentation that can be recycled, is. As we collect your confidential waste on our delivery run, we remove the need for you to deal with a separate company, and cut carbon emissions at the same time.

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One off or regular shredding

If you have just had an office clearout, a one-off collection is perfect for your needs. If you have regular volumes of waste then choose our regular scheduled collection. Weekly, monthly or quarterly, we fit around you. You have the ability to alter the frequency of collection dependent on your volumes.


On-site and off-site shredding options

Our convenient on-site shredding service allows you to see your paper waste shredded in our mobile truck at your premises. If parking is an issue, we off-site where your waste is taken back to our local depot for secure shredding.


Bags, bins or office friendly consoles

We analyse your waste volumes, then recommend and supply secure shredding sacks, lock & slot consoles or wheelie bins. All your waste is securely stored until our collection, with only our trained staff able to access the materials.

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Rather do it yourself? VIEW OUR GREAT range of shredders

If you do not need a shredding service, we have over 80 shredders in our catalogue suitable for offices of any size. From home office to large heavy duty machines, and from basic security (A4 into 30 pieces) to maximum security (A4 sheet 15,000 pieces), we’ll find the right shredder for you. Many of the machines we supply take staples, paperclips and CDs to make life easier.

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